Quality, Pureness, Healthy products

A strong cooperative-alliance was born in the south of Chile in 1949, between dairy producers and COLUN company, in order to get to the markets and consumers with dairy products in a whole range of presentations, and deliver them all the Magic of the Southern World.

In the southern extreme of the world, the beauty imposes itself and the powerful nature casts its magic energy on forests, rivers, lakes and prairies... a gifted, remote and unpolluted place, where the Cooperativa Agrícola y Lechera de La Unión, COLUN, gives life to the best milk. COLUN's milk is a result of healthy cattle that is fed from deep green and nutrient-rich prairies, in the Tenth and Fourteenth regions of Chile.


Background and position

COLUN was founded in 1949 by a group of milk producers of the south of Chile, whom created it as a cooperative with the mission of commercializing its milk and supplying themselves of raw materials and services. Nowadays, COLUN is the biggest Dairy Cooperative in Chile and the first dairy company of the country, with an annual milk collection of over 500 million kg of fresh milk and an average growth of 7 % a year during last decade. Currently, the total production of finished goods reaches 220.000 MT per year.